Community Support

Krisco Liquor is a proud supporter of the Missoula community and surrounding areas. We invest thousands of dollars each year to community organizations, education, non-profits, athletic organizations and more.

Although Krisco Liquor would love to donate to all of the important events in Missoula, the sheer number of these events and our budget constraints limit us to a set number per year. This year, we will be donating (100) Krisco Liquor gift certificates in lieu of liquor basket donations.

To request a donation or event sponsorship, please fill out the following online form. Major event requests should be submitted for consideration six months prior to the event. Smaller donation requests should be submitted for consideration no later than one month prior to event.

To be considered, your organization must satisfy the following:
1. Be a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, a civic organization, or group.
2. Serve the needs of people in Missoula or immediate surrounding area.

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