Pineapple Jalapeño Margarita


  • 10 oz silver tequila
  • 10 oz pineapple juice
  • 6 oz lime juice
  • 2 oz jalapeño simple syrup
  • 4-8 jalapeño slices
  • 2 tsp fine sea salt
  • 2 tsp cane sugar
  • ½ tsp smoky paprika
  • Fresh lime and / or fresh pineapple for garnish


      1. Add quartered limes, simple syrup and jalapeños to a shaker.
      2. Gently muddle the ingredients for about 30 seconds.
      3. Pour in the lime juice, tequila, pineapple juice and add ice; stir.
      4. Rim a low ball or old fashioned glass with lime and dip into salt mixture.
      5. Fill glass with ice. Double strain into glasses; garnish as desired.
To Make the Salt: Mix the salt, sugar, and paprika on a small plate. When ready to use, rim a glass with a lime wedge and invert the glass into the salt mixture. Jalapeno Simple Syrup: Bring equal part sugar and water to a boil (1/4 c each) and simmer until sugar is dissolved. Drop 2-3 jalapeño slices in as the simple simmers. Once the sugar is dissolved, cover the pot and steep for 10 minutes. Strain and refrigerate until cool.

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